Ice Fest Gear Schleppping Schedule And Details

Ice Fest Gear Schleppping Schedule And Details

Here is the info for Ice Fest weekend.

Dress warm!

  • The UTVs will be kept at the OMRT Barn overnight.
  • Please be prompt for your shift.
  • Parking for OVFD members working their shift will be available at the CDOT lot (a.k.a. Dack’s yard). Please park very near near the old OMRT rescue 12 (white with a big “12” on the hood). Just tell the security people you are with OVFD.
  • After parking your POV we will meet at the OMRT barn, southern most bay.
  • I have some extra fuel staged at the OMRT Barn.
  • We will have one driver per UTV and a few roamers coordinating the loading / unloading.

Let Kevin Koprek ( know if you have any questions or concerns ... or, to get on this list (and off of Chief's "bad list"), contact Koprek asap.


  • Friday morning 6:30-8:30: Chris L, John F, Patrick, Steve D
  • Friday afternoon 2:45-4:30: Chief, Adam, Travis STILL NEED 2-3 MORE!!!!!
  • Sat. morning 6:30-8:30: Chris L, Patrick, Chris F, Steve D, Paul
  • Sat. afternoon 2:45-4:30: Chief, STILL NEED 4-5 MORE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sun. morning 6:30-8:30: Chris L, Patrick, Craig K, Steve D
  • Sun. afternoon 12:30-2:30ish: Chief, Craig K, STILL NEED 3-4 MORE!!!

Kevin will be present for both shifts each day.