November 13, 2017 Meeting

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Ice Fest - if we run the shuttle again, as we did last year, they will gladly donate to us once again. This would be moving of the vendor’s gear. Last year we received nearly $2000. It’s an easy night, relative to past options. A motion was made and seconded to provide the Ice Fest with the support. The motion was passed unanimously.

New Years Show - John, Bumper and Chief went down to the magazine, which needs to be moved. Bumper suggested to move it by the sewer pond area. OCRA is offering $10,000 for the new year’s show. The idea is to use that for the NYE show as well as improvements on the trailer for the July 4th show. OCRA wants to put up something for collecting donations for the July 4th show. Previously that money always came from the Jeep raffle but more hands are in that pot and OCRA is looking for ways to diversify their methods for getting fireworks donations.

A motion was made to approve OCRA raising funds for the fireworks shows. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Yule Nite - December 2, Saturday. We need someone to go to the ELKS, pick up Santa, go to the back of the parade and then drive Santa. Chris Miller offered to drive Santa. Chris will be the lead contact and other members will coordinate with Chris on ride-along and any additional trucks.

Basketball Banners - The department was requested to renew their basketball banner for the upcoming season at $150. The department motioned to support the program again this year. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Coach was pleased and appreciative!