December 11, 2017 Meeting

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New Membership - Ted Pullig is here for his first official meeting! We also interviewed two new potential members. Matt Worley was on Cedaredge and Delta fire departments for 14 years and Nathan is a local miner looking to join as well.

Both new membership applicants interviewed well and the committee recommended putting both new members on. Both members were added unanimously by the department.

New Year’s Fireworks - We will begin tying the fireworks around 11 AM at the city shop. Danny will make sure that the city shop is open for the members to work. Bumper Williams requested $350 to finish the work on the trailer that he’s started. Bumper raised $500 already and the $350 is from the special funds account. A motion was made to provide him the funds. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Fireworks will arrive tomorrow afternoon. John Fedel will ensure the fireworks get stored appropriately before New Year’s. Bumper and Amy offered to help as needed. After the New Year’s show, we will move the magazine to a new location.

Ouray Fire Protection - the group is offering $13,500 to outfit the red-carded fire fighters. The active wild land, red carded fire fighters are the ones who will get the gear. Craig will organize the group of wild land fire fighters so that we can organize the group.

Active Wild Land Fire Fighters - Craig Kaminsky, Kevin Koprek, Adam Kunz, Danny Wilbur, Dack Klein, Chris Less, Trevor.

Flags on City Hall - The city was buying some less-than-ideal flags for the top of city hall. However, they recently bought the really nice flag. Danny Wilbur will spearhead the change of the flag at 8 AM this Saturday. Members will meet at the house to take the ladder truck over to get the new flags on top of City Hall.

Ice Park Shuttle - The department needs volunteers. The final group of volunteers will be discussed at the January 8 meeting.

Ridgway Fire - RFD has invited all of us to their banquet as a thank you for all the help over the last year.