January 08, 2018 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

Christmas Dinner - Chief offered thanks to all involved for the Christmas meeting party. It was a wonderful time and we hope to make it an annual tradition over the December Dutch Lunch.

Trailer - Chief also expressed thanks to Bumper for raising $500 for the fireworks trailer. All felt it looked fantastic and worked perfectly. The department was very pleased. Chief requested any receipts needing reimbursement for work done on and for the fireworks trailer and show.

New Business things coming

_Ice Fest - Vendor shuttling. 3 ATVs. At least four members per shift but 5 is ideal. The following assignments have been set for department members to show up and work at Ice Fest on Friday, January 19, Saturday, January 20, and Sunday, January 21.

All AM shifts: Patrick Rondinelli, Chris Lee, Dack Klein, Steve Duce

Some AM Shifts: John Fedel (Fri/Sat), Craig Kaminsky (Sat/Sun)

All PM Shifts: Trevor Latta, Tyler Ferguson

Some PM Shifts: John Fedel (Fri), Dave Turner (Sat/Sun)

Fireworks/NYE Debrief - In general, the department was pleased with both the amount of help we had from within the department as well as with the show itself. John Fedel noted that we need to be more cautious with our fuses and tinfoil approach to ensure we have fewer issues with deployment. John also noted that we should double-down on our safety approach, not that things were poorly done; rather, just to be smart and cautious at all times.

Bylaw Changes - Chief and the Secretary initiated a slight change to the department’s bylaws. The proposed changes centered on both updating the name of the committee in charge of new applications (to Interview Committee) as well as on the wording for new applicants being sent to City Council. The change centers on the use of cleaner language that an approved “applicant” is sent on from the department to City Council versus an “application” being sent along. The proposed changes were motioned for approval and the motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Edits will be made to the bylaws and forwarded on to City Council in the morning.

Consolidation of Departments - There has been, over the years, discussions on merging or consolidating the three fire departments/districts - Ouray, Ridgway, and Log Hill - into a single county-wide department. Chief opened the topic up for discussion to the department and, as such, the department bandied about ideas and thoughts related to a consolidation of fire departments in the county.