February 12, 2018 Meeting

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Mattivi - Department members can make any contribution in Mrs. Gemma Mattivi’s name. There is no particular charity the family is tied to so any donations in her name would be appreciated and meaningful.

Wildland Classes - Free fire academy in Salida and runs the entire first week of June. They’re making the field on the high school available for camping and will offer a wide-range of classes. Chief will keep us posted as we get closer but, for now, just wanted it on everyone’s radar.

ICS 700/100 - These are required classes/certifications. You can take the class online or go to a one day class. There is a class on March 29 in Montrose from 9-5. Officers also need ICS 300. We will be working throughout 2018 to ensure that all fire fighters are NIMS compliant. Go to fema.org and put in your social security number to see what you have/don’t have.

It is dangerous for us to not all be certified. It can hurt our community in a variety of ways: lost tax revenue, etc.

Doors - John noticed that due to weather, we could not get into the bays on Sunday. He suggested we get covers for the doors’ keypads or keep a hidden remote for the bays so we can always be sure to get into the house when needed.

July 3 - Dave Turner gave us an update on the concert. He’s contacted three bands, all in the $400 range should we want to move forward with a two band format this year. The department will review all band options and vote on it at the March meeting.

Training - It’s time, as the weather maybe kind of, sort of improves, to get back on our training. Chief still feels that Wednesday night is the best all-around night for the department. He’s hoping to get the Utah Fire Academy crew to meet and pick a few training topics from their time at the academy.

Firehouse Tour - On Thursday, February 22 from 10-11 AM, Danny would like some help showing the pre-schoolers the house. His hope was to have a few fire fighters go up to the school in their turnouts, walk the kids down, and show them around. Several fire fighters expressed interest in helping and a WENS will be relayed to the department for reminders, etc.