April 09, 2018 Meeting

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CERCA (Insurance Provider) - all fire fighters are required to provide the city with information (driver’s license, etc.) if they are going to drive or operate city vehicles. All department members present were handed the requisite form. Along these lines, Chief noted we need to get a fire apparatus training for all apparatuses.

Certificates/Training Details - members were requested to provide these items to the city and are now going to Marty Jo (sp?), who is digitizing the documents.

Banquet - Last month we discussed Saturday, May 19 as our night. If Chris Lee was not interested in having it at Bon Ton or Coachlight, we could look at other options. Since we had it at Bon Ton last year, it was suggested we go to Coachlight this year. A motion was made to hold the event at the Coachlight on May 19. Cocktail hour at 6 and dinner at 7. The motion was seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Wildland Recertification - Log Hill, this Saturday at 7 AM. Fire fighters attending: Craig Kaminsky, Adam Kunz, Kevin Koprek, Danny Wilbur, and Chris Less. Bumper Williams, Nathan Judd, Tyler Ferguson and Ted Pullig are pack test-only.

July 3rd Dance - The final band and other details are now set as we have Ulterior Motives, who agreed to play for $550. Dave Turner has most of the stuff lined up for the event but was concerned about whether or not we have enough fencing for the park. It was suggested to get 5-6 rolls of fencing ahead of time this year. Danny Wilbur offered to pick it up for the department. Dave suggested again to do cans over kegs and to get our beer and alcohol orders in. Dave also remind the department that we need lots of assistance to pull this year. We will, again, tear down the tent and set up for kids game that night, which makes the 4th much easier. We will revisit this again next month to assign duty jobs, etc. The owner of Rib City will again sponsor our event by providing food and a $1000 donation for the department.

Active Shooter Training - November 10 at 10 AM in Ridgway. Chris Miller will keep us all in the loop as the year progresses.

Training - Wednesday night trainings - 6 PM - are going to start up again. These are not so much formal training sessions; rather, we will just see who gets here and then select what type of training we’ll do. In addition to this, we will have other, organized trainings on Saturdays in the near future. Chris Miller also requested getting together with Chief to coordinate departmental efforts.

Dispatch Move - they’re shooting for the move away from Montrose dispatch to start 2019 but we do have until May 2019 with Montrose dispatch should any issues arise.