May 14, 2018 Meeting

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Financial Request - Christopher Kunz requested financial assistance from OVFD for a 5-day camp he is attending in Denver for the National Youth Leadership Forum. Steve Martinez motion we donate $350 for Christopher's camp. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Annual Ouray High School (OHS) Scholarships - This year we had a record 9 applications from OHS! The scholarship committee reviewed all applications and met earlier in the evening with the recommendations for the department. The committee recommended three awardees this year: Reysa Klein ($750), Aaron Gregory ($750) and Sam Tyler ($500). The committee's recommendations were motioned for approval. That motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Basketball Court - We have received word that the city will be pressure washing the court, hopefully on Tuesday. Once done and dried, a cadre of volunteers will work with Amy Winterrowd to put some fresh paint/lines down on Thursday (May 17) at 3 PM. The department will provide pizza for all volunteers.

Sam Tyler - Sam, a graduating senior at OHS, will be attending a fire science school this Fall. Sam has also taken and completed his wildland base coursework (S-130, S-190 and the pack test). Chief contacted our insurance agency about covering Sam for any work he can do with the department. Once we hear from our insurance agency that we are good to go for supporting Sam, he will be considered for membership and begin working with the department (he has already submitted an application).

Truck Bays - Thanks were expressed to Matt and Bumper who reorganized the bays for the department.

July 3rd Dance - Dave Turner has applied for our liquidation and huckstering permits for our event so that we will be set before our next meeting. He is also assisting the department with the hospitality tent for the July 3rd performers. It was noted, again, that we will need fencing for the park for this event. We also need to meet with the appropriate personnel at the city to review any special needs for port-a-potty's and trash.

State Send-off - There will be a send-off for Cooper Rondinelli, who is off to compete at the State Track meet in Denver this week. His departure is set for Wednesday at 3:15. Any fire fighters available to assist with the send-off are requested to be at the house by 3:00 on Wednesday.

Extrication - The FD has often had to use it's ATV, the Rhino, for extrication calls, which are not under the fire department. A discussion ensued about implementing a possible charge to the city for the wear, tear and upkeep of that vehicle related to extrication calls. No motions made at this time.

Water Fights - Steve Martinez requested and was approved to place an ad with the local paper(s) to promote our need of water fight contestants. Alongside this effort, Craig Kaminsky will levy the department's social media accounts also looking for competitors for the event.

Banquet - Members were reminded that the banquet is this weekend.