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Chains - Chief requested a crew of members to coordinate at the fire house and put the chains on the trucks. Chief suggested Wednesday at 6:00 pm with John Fedel, Tyler Fergusson, Patrick Rondinelli, Dack Klein, and Adam Kunz able to help.

Fireworks - Bumper Williams thinks we're going to take two trailers. Adam Kunz suggested we tie on the 30th so it's set and ready to roll on the 31st. In terms of show and duration, the sense is the town would like a bigger show. It was suggested to do a 15-minute show but it'll be fairly packed/dense. Adam felt that we will have quite a bit of setup and work. Bumper noted that, if we have some bad weather, we'll want to forgo some larger shells as they'll be lost in a storm, etc.

Fireworks Setup - John Fedel suggested Wednesday, December 30 around 5:30 pm to start getting loaded and set for the show. Preference is to use the City Shop. Barring a reason not to, we will plan to load the trailers, tie fireworks, etc. at the shop (it's just safer and a better space in which to do the work). In the meantime, we need to go through the inventory to ensure we have all necessary supplies.

Radios - 10 new radios (2 of which are dual-band). Bumper will be working tomorrow to setup the correct communication terminology on the radios. 2 of the radios are destined for an officer while the remaining 8 will go on the racks.

OCEMS - Kim Mitchell offered rapid tests for any fire members who are about to engage in a training exercise. Fire fighters would simply need to meet 15 minutes prior to the training.

Vaccinations - Adam Kunz reached out to Katie Link and passed along a list of department members. Katie has ordered vaccines for each member but we do not yet know when, exactly, we'll get them. While they will not be required, all fire fighters are encouraged to take one.

Trainings - There have been a few issues that have hampered our training efforts. Officers from both departments are trying to figure out ways for the departments to train together so that there can be a massive rapid-test before hand, etc. In general, the department feels better holding off on trainings until after the new year.

Chief will also check in on the Utah Fire Academy in January but acknowledged that we might be a few more months down the line before we're able to go away for trainings and the like. Max Austin noted the Utah academy has already been cancelled for 2021.