October 11, 2021 Meeting

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Invoices - The department approved two invoice payments for payments: $69 for pizza during the interviews and $199 for Dutch Lunch in September.

School Fire Drill - On October 20, at 9:55 the school alarm will go. Mr. Nelson asked us to be there at 9:30. Chris is checking with Mr. Nelson about a practice walk through. The school does require masks so if a fire fighter is not on air, will need to be masked. Craig Kaminsky, Chris Lee, Danny Wilbur and, possibly, Dave Turner will attend.

St. George Academy - January 21 - 22. We cannot send all and Chief wants to prioritize newer, less trained members. Interested fire fighters should contact Chief. The department will head out on January 20 and return January 23. We need commitments before registration opens in November; within the next 1-2 weeks.

New Year's Fireworks - Bumper and Chief noted that we're looking into a 7-10 minute show for the holiday. It would incorporate 2 trailers.

Membership - The interview committee conducted 5 interviews last Wednesday. From those 5, the committee recommended membership for four: Tom Tyler, Rick Colpitts, Tim Pasek and Jonatan Salazar. A motion was made to approve the application for all four. That motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Chief will also check in with our two fire fighters who are on a leave of absence on their status.

Next Month - we will go over training hours and general member-status (attendance, etc.) for all members.

Squad 11 - Chief noted if you do not have training, do not show up to a Extrication call (and expect to go). If there is an empty seat a "newbie" would be welcome for training, but only if experienced members are not present.