December 13, 2021 Meeting

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Donation - Arno Gresser donated $7500 to the department so that we can purchase additional SCBA gear.

Dress Uniforms - Chief is getting dress uniforms for the department. Fire fighters are to note sizes and confirm spelling of name(s). Chief also noted that the dress uniforms are ONLY to be worn for services, funerals, etc. They are not to be worn to events such as the picnic.

Sponsorship Request - The Skijoring group requested a donation from OVFD to be a sponsor of the event. A motion was made to donate $200. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

NYE Fireworks Show - The department is looking into dates/times to tie fireworks as well as storage in the City Shop. John and Chief suggested we tie on the 31st at noon. Since it's a smaller show, that should be sufficient. We'll need 3 on the hill and 3 down below. John and Chief will meet up prior to the 31st to go through inventory and determine which trailers are needed.

Ridgway Training - They have a house to burn this coming Saturday, December 18. All Ouray Fire Fighters are welcome and should be at the Ridgway Fire House at 8 AM.