January 10, 2022 Meeting

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Eva Stovicek - A community member has been diagnosed with a cancer. Chief relayed to the department her situation and offered ways in which individual members can help her out. Danny Wilbur motioned for the department to donate $500 to the family. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Donations - The donation from Arno (in last month's minutes) were given directly to the city so it could go right to the SCBA purchases. Sally Pleasant, who lived in a house that caught fire in 2012, sent us a check for $2500 so that we can use it to "keep our town safe".

SCBAs - If you did not train, Chief noted that such members will not be able to don an SCBA and go into a fire. Members who did not yet receive the 30-60 minute training are to get with Chief and coordinate a time. Chief noted that next meeting we'll setup a schedule where members will rotate in and out to verify and check batteries, etc. on the SCBA. More chargers and spares are on the way to facilitate this process.

St. George - Chief noted that with 10 of the department gone, it will be crucial for the remaining members to respond to call. Ridgway will be on auto-respond for Ouray that weekend (Thursday, January 20 through Sunday, January 23).

Fireworks Cleanup - tomorrow (Tuesday, January 11) morning Chief needs a crew to help move (and store) the trailers. He noted it could go behind the rink at Rotary. Chris Miller offered to move it in the morning.

Donating Older Equipment - The VoTech school outside Delta was looking for and in need of equipment. Bumper was looking into donating some of our unneeded items to Horsefly but we have not yet heard back from their department and we may look into donating them to the VoTech school. Dack suggested seeing if the VoTech wants to make a trade (training for gear) that might be beneficial for newer members.

July 3 Event - The department motioned to tentatively approve $11,000 budget pending a detailed report and budget for the 2022 event. Dave Turner and Craig Kaminsky will get together prior to the February department meeting.