March 14, 2022 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

PA System - The PA system came in just over our $3000. A motion was made to approve the additional $181.10 for the PA system. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Membership - Chief refreshed the department on Mike Trahan's interview and application. Craig Kaminsky noted that with the approval of last month's meeting notes, his application would be moved along to

New Business things coming

Exhaust Renewal System - At the moment the new exhausting system is installed. Other than the city mechanic coming in to hook up the sensors to the brakes, the exhaust can be turned on with the remotes. Once the sensors are hooked to the brake lights, the exhaust will start whenever the brakes are applied. As the trucks roll out of the fire house, the exhaust system will turn itself off.

Part of having the new system in place is that department members need to back in very straight and cautiously as the trucks can damage the exhaust pipes.

Skid Unit - the backcountry rig has a new skid unit on the back but it is not yet hooked up/secured. No one should take the side-by-side without approval from chief or until word is given that it's safe to use.

Fire House Maintenance - k requested a crew of volunteers to become the house maintenance crew who will be responsible for general upkeep the SCBA batteries, house, etc. Max Austin, Sam Tyler, Tom Fedel and Tim Pasek volunteered to take on this committee. Tom Tyler offered to step in when Max has to leave for wildland fires.

Active911 App - Chief increased our number of licenses for the app as we had more users than licenses. We now have 25 licenses.

Training - The two chiefs are meeting this month to try and establish a schedule so that there are trainings each month between OVFD and RFD. Chris Miller does have a house they can burn this month while there is still snow on the ground. Craig Kaminsky will relay that training date once available.

Wildland - There is a refresher course and pack test on April 16 in Ouray at 8 AM.

Membership Part II - Rick Colpitts has stepped down from his position as he realized that his work-fire balance was not feasible.

Random Drug Tests - Chief informed the department that the City has noted it can execute a random drug test on department members.

Dress Unifroms - Chief distributed the new dress uniforms for all department members present. He also noted that these are only for funerals, ceremonies, banquets.

Refrigerator - The fridge in the house died. Tom Tyler has an extra one that he'll donate. On Tuesday, March 15, a small group will gather at 3:30 pm to move the old one to the squad bay and move the new one into the house.

MAMS - David Turner asked the department how many nights they wanted for the summer music series. The department expressed and interest in 2 nights. David let us know that most likely OVFD will handle the nights of the 16th and 30th.

T-shirts - We need to re-order shirts for fund raisers. A motion was made to stick with the same design and re-order shirts for this year. The motion was seconded and passed.

Elections - Assistance Chief and Secretary/Treasurer are up tonight. Craig Kaminsky was retained as Secretary and Treasurer (aka Administrative Officer) with a motion that was seconded and passed. Bumper Williams was nominated to do another term as Assistant Chief. The motion was made, seconded and passed.