May 09, 2022 Meeting

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Banquet - Chief verified the guest list total for the May 15 event. We expect close to 45 in attendance. Chris Lee feels we have enough space to fit everyone downstairs as well as the patio for socializing.

New Business things coming

Donation - We received a check and card from SMPA as a thank you for our work. The donation was for $272.00 and was requested to go directly to .

Historical Society - The department received an invite to their 50th anniversary event on July 8 at 5pm at the 4H Center.

Pre School - The Pre-school event at the fire house on May 18 at 10 AM. Tom Tyler, Danny Wilbur, Max Austin and Chris Lee are going to help out.

July 3 - Dave Turner recommended buying some fence barricades to better block off the bar area (these are metal and, as such, far more stable). Chief agreed with Turner but acknowledged that we can get away without it. For the event itself, we will need help monitoring the park fence at the event itself. Along with that, the department will need to breakdown/rearrange the border fence for kids games.

Yonder Mountain is all set for the event. Everything is in motion. The band is officially announced on May 17. 4000 tickets are for sale online now. 1000 are being kept aside for day of sales and friends/family.

Patches - There was some miscommunication on patches. Fire fighters can "trade" shirts with other fire fighters but patches are not available for trade or give aways. Members were reminded to never offer patches in trade.

MAMS - Chief reminded the department we have the fourth and fifth weeks (June 23 and 30). We'll need to setup the tent at 9 or 10 AM. The bar gets set up around 3 PM and all are required by 5:30 PM to start pouring. Members were reminded. Chris Lee noted he'd be out on June 23 and was looking for someone he can train on his tasks so that they're covered for the one night he's out this year.

Tree Cutting - There is a house on Main (211) who asked for fire mitigation help removing some trees. The family would be happy to donate to the department for the help. Chris Lee is coordinating and will need 4-6 members to help (traffic coordination, etc.). This would, of course, count for training hours. Chris is available any time after Wednesday. Dack Klein noted we should be done and clear by 11 AM before the traffic picks up. Tim Pasek and Max Austin offered to help.