August 08, 2022 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

July 3 and 4 - Treasurer Craig Kaminsky reviewed the numbers from the July 3rd event.

Fire fighter Ted Pullig suggested that, next year, we have a fire fighter or two go around with the boots during the Water Fights and another on the balcony of Citizen's with the new PA system talking to the crowd between the fights, etc.

Fire fighter Tim Pasek suggested we get an added credit card reader to relieve some the of pressure on the lines.

Fire fighter David Turner thanked the department for all their work and efforts. The event was a huge success. While ticket sales were a bit lower than hoped, the visiting acts had a great time and felt everything was run incredibly well.

Parade Issues - Do not bring issues to the fire department. They need to go to the city/city council. Next year, Chief will be meeting with the Chief of Police ahead of the Fourth to walk through the day.

New Business things coming

Training - between Ridgway and Ouray Fire Departments, September and October is planned to have trainings every Wednesday and every other Saturday. This should greatly help get all fire fighters training hours up for the year. Along those lines, Chief will bring an updated training hour status for all fire fighters to the September meetings.

Attendance - We only had 2 respond to our last call. Chief reminded members that attendance at calls is required. Members were reminded that if you cannot make it to calls, you should consider resigning.

Shirts - Chief got an order of shirts but the hoodie order is still to come. Chief is going to sell half the hoodies to the city so they can sell them locally. The other half will be sold out of the Sheriff's Office with Shelly as they typically are.

Chief proposed ordering 70 duty shirts. Chief Chris Miller motioned we get new work shirts, with the old design, for the department. A motion was made to spend up to $1000 on the shirts. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Donations - SMPA donated $200 to the department.

Fire Academy - Save the Date for the Ignacio Academy just released (September 28 through October 2). New members were encouraged to plan on attending. Chief believes the rookie track will run from Thursday through Sunday.

Communications - Captain John Fedel raised some concerns with the flow of communications on the radios across agencies. Chris Miller echoed these sentiments and noted the local FDs needed more of a say in this processes and decisions.

Officers Call Signs - Chief changed the call signs of the officers so as to better make them distinct from the apparatuses. The new signs are 11 - o1..06. Adam Kunz 11-01, Bumper Williams 11-02, Patrick Rondinelli 11-03, John Fedel 11-04, Chris Miller 11-05, Chris Lee 11-6.