September 12, 2022 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

July 3 and 4 - The department had a brief discussion about these events, their size and scope and the work involved. A consensus was reached that while the Yonder Mountain String Band show was fun and a big success on all levels, it is just too much work for the department to take on.

New Business things coming

Bylaw Rules - Chief reminded the membership that you may not miss more than three meetings, unexcused, in a year - and three unexcused absences in a row is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Work and Public Shirts - New shirts are in but hoodies are not yet here. Duty shirts are on the way as well.

Training - the exact days for the Ignacio Fire Academy were finally set: September 28 through October 2. In-house training for the Fall will have many opportunities and be coordinated with Ridgway.

General Discussions - Chief noted that we need to improve upon two things in particular: first, consistently filing out the fire reports after a call and, second, getting more people to show up for nighttime calls.

Membership - Two fire fighters, Chris Folsom and Amy Winterrowd, are no longer on leave, not back in action and will be requested to submit letters of resignation. Kyle Easley was put up for membership by the membership committee. His application was approved (motion to approve, seconding and unanimous approval).

Mental Health - Tim Pasek brought up how important it is to talk to someone after some rough calls to help one process through such traumatic events.