October 10, 2022 Meeting

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Bylaw Requirements - Chief, again, reminded the department that no member may miss 3 meetings in a row that are unexcused. Additionally, he reminded the department that all members are required to do 36 hours of training per year and new members are required to do 72 hours in their first year.

Fire Academy - Tom Tyler gave a quick overview of the Rookie Track at the Southwest Colorado Fire Academy.

New Business things coming

Donations - We received two donations ($500 from Monica Bangert and $100 from the Coonrod's, whose son was in a fatal ATV accident). The checks will be deposited tomorrow. Chief wanted to donate a few shirts to the Coonrod's family, who were interested in . A motion was made not to cash the check from the Coonrod's. That motion was seconded and passed.

Fire Department Open House - Saturday, October 29. We're going to cook some food for the community, give out some goodies and potentially recruit some new members. October is Fire Preparedness month, so we're playing into that. On October 19 at 9:55 AM, there will be a fire drill We will have a day elementary school and we'll take the trucks to the school where the elementary school students will get to explore the trucks.

Naturally, the trucks and house need to be cleaned both before the fire drill and before the open house. Danny Wilbur mentioned that he could help out on Friday, October 28 at 3:00 PM. Tim Pasek noted he could help as well. WENS reminders will be sent out as needed.

EMS - Desperate need for ambulance drivers. See Kim Mitchell if interested.

Budget - Chief is currently working on the department's budget. The department had a general discussion about replacing the Ladder Truck, which we are beginning to work on but are, at least, two years out. Chief is also budgeting $175,000 for a used Brush Truck with the hopes of replacing the current Squad 11 truck. Chief is also in the process of working toward some form of compensation for fire fighters who go out on calls, which led to a discussion regarding the training requirement to go on calls. Other items that Chief is working on for the new budget are: a light plant for command, a skid unit for Command, $8000 for a new fireworks trailer and replacing the garage doors.

Training - Wednesdays, October 12 and 26: forcible entry training. There will also be a Saturday session or two. These events (Wednesdays and Saturdays) will be split/shared with Ridgway. We'll also have a few videos to watch in the coming months.

Duty Shirt - They are still on the way.

Membership - Tom Fedel will be Kyle Easley's primary mentor. An officer will be added as a mentor in the coming weeks. Chris Lee has purchased a house in Montrose and will, in due time, have to exit the department. Dack Klein was elevated to Lieutenant (call sign is 11 07).

The New OCRA - requested to buy our shirts ($20) and hoodies ($30) at full price for us and then sell them. They would sell them for no profit (at the same price they purchase them for us). If a fire fighter wants a shirt or hoodie, they can get it from them, note it and the FD will reimburse the organization.

New Year's Show - John Fedel and Chief ran through current inventory for the NYE fireworks show. Tom Fedel offered to program this year's show. Several members discussed supply issues and performance concerns with fuses and tubes.

Officer's Meeting - John Fedel asked about our SOPs for school searches and such. Chief noted that this was something we need to get the officers together to go over how we want to set this up and communicate it to the department. For this year's drill, we will not perform any practice searches. The school administration is keen on getting the young kids comfortable with fire fighters and our equipment.

City Hall Flags - Danny Wilbur offered to take charge of the flag exchange on Friday morning. Tom Fedel and Tim Pasek offered to help. The crew will meet at 9:00 AM this Friday, October 14.