February 13, 2023 Meeting

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Paperwork - Fire fighters were given a new set of paperwork that will be separate from the City's HR department (fire under fire now). Members are required to read and acknowledge (i.e., sign the paperwork) and return to Chief. The paperwork includes a general understanding, a code of ethics, and a volunteer membership form for FFFPA.

Stipend - Starting January 1, 2023 stipends for calls are being collected/saved for the year. Payment will be made in December. Fire fighters will get $20 per call and per training. Training sessions must be department-sanctioned to be considered for a stipend. Chief maintains discretion to determine whether or not a call qualifies for a stipend. Payments, over $600 for the year, will be made on a 1099. Members may be responsible for tax payments.

By Laws - The officers met and revised the by laws. Membership must approve the by laws before being sent to the Mayor. A motion was made to adopt (approve) the new by laws. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Chief noted that all members will have a copy of the revised by laws. Those copies are due back to Chief, signed, at the March meeting.

Training - The officers are committing to doing a day a month. They are meeting with Ridgway to schedule out the next 6 months. The schedule will be posted at the fire house and on the website.

All members who went to the academy in Utah are required to run a training session for the department on something they learned at the academy. Members are to coordinate and organize the sessions amongst each other and with Chief.

Chief requested SID numbers from all members who took NIMS courses. The courses 100, 200 and 700 are available online and are required for each fire fighter. FEMA.gov. Officers are required to take course 300 and chiefs are required to also take course 400. Chief noted that the certification is good "for life" once completed. Finishing the courses qualifies as training. Members can turn in proof of completion to get hours credited.

CPR Course - Ruth Stewart will do a CPR training in April. All fire fighters needing to keep their certification current should plan to attend. Ruth can run the course on either April 20 or April 22 (will set the date based on numbers).

Membership - Jonatan Salazar is resigning from the department. He no longer has the time to devote to the department. A motion was made to accept his resignation. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Justin Clark applied for membership again. Since he was previously on the department, the officers opted to bypass normal interviews for a reinstatement vote. A motion was made to readmit Justin. That motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Street Cleaning - The department will help the city on Saturday, April 29 cleaning the streets. Work will start at 11 PM on the 29th (final meeting time to be sent via WENS later).

Easter Egg Hunt - Volunteers are needed for the easter bunny ride from the Elks to Fellin Park and back. April 9 around 1 PM. Final volunteers will be added in March.

Meeting Notices and Schedule - We will now post the schedule and minutes outside the City offices.

Elections - The department was reminded that next month (March) is our elections. This year, all positions, including chief are up.

SCBAs in Trucks - Chris Lee noted that he cleaned up a truck after a call and the SCBAs were set in the seats inconsistently and one will not dislodge. Chris raised a question as to whether it would be good to set a standard for the department. Chief noted that the straps should be off in the Ladder truck.

Training Suggestions - Max Austin suggested we have a central place for members to request specific trainings. Chief noted there is an essentially unused whiteboard in his office at the fire house. Members were directed to write any thoughts on that board.