November 13, 2023 Meeting

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Old Business things from before

Gas Detectors - Arriving Wednesday 10/11

Low Angle Rescue Training - 16 attendees; FF's that showed up will be outfitted in gear.

Fireworks trailer - Need boards for trailer; Bumper to order. Work session time/date pending.

New Member - Derek Fleischer; Motion made/seconded, All in favor. Named new member.

Tent Take Down - Bumper needs help transferring tent from his trailer to trailer @miner's park. Meet @Bumper's House, Saturday 10/14 @10am.

November 11th - Recruitment event, 12p-4p @the firehouse

Inactive Members - If members are not actively showing up to calls or trainings, they need to resign.

MSA hose defect - Watch for bulging in secondary regulator hose around the mask connection.

Driving Training - Towards end of October, look for driver training focused on steep grades.

New Business things coming

Donation check - Go Fund Me for help Layton Fight Cancer, motion made and seconded for $3000. Approved.

SCBA Maze - November 29th 5:30-6:00pm time TBD, new members highly encouraged to attend

Extrication Trainings - Dates upcoming; TBD

Live Burn - Thursday; 11/17. Will be lit at 4:00pm. Meet at OVFD firehouse at 3:30pm take engine; head to Ridgway to meet at 4:00pm.

Wildland Response - Rescue first, Engine second, Tender 3rd

Extrication - Rescue first, Engine second

All Other Calls - Engine first responder on all except water calls, tender to respond.

Radios - Personal radios will be installed above lockers over time

Resignation - Dave Turner, Motion to accept made, seconded and passed.

3rd of July - $10,000 budget; band/lights/sound - switch back to gooseneck trailer for stage possibly.